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[op-tuh-muh-zey-shuh n]

1. the fact of optimizing; making the best of anything.

Optimization. That is the ultimate goal. The work of the Optimization Centre is simply to make the very best of you. Being your best means making the most of what you have in every aspect of your life. That is the only way to truly live a life optimal. Founding Physician Dr. Gregory Albert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He’s also a realist. Skilled plastic surgery is only one step on the passage to life optimization. Authentic life optimization happens. It can happen from the outside in. Dr. Albert and his Optimization Centre team escort, equip and empower you on the journey. We care.

Look better. Be better. LIVE OPTIMALLY.


Dr. Albert meeting with Brent Saunders, CEO of Allergan, at the Allergan Advisory Board Meeting in Colorado.

Dr. Dad! Daughter Gabriella (left) ready to sit in on one of Dr. Albert’s MicroAire Training courses in Russia and spending the weekend with daughter Morgan (right) at her Special Olympics Tournament!

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Collaborate with you to determine and deliver your optimal life transformation procedures and services. Deliver optimal plastic surgery results.

Provide the tools and motivation to help you establish and realize your ultimate life optimization goals, beyond surgery and aesthetics.

Provide a lifetime of care and wellbeing.

We accept CareCredit.